A Source of Inspiration

Inspiration for your next great idea can come from anywhere (and hopefully not straight from advertising and graphic design annuals and websites).

One of my favorite resources is garbage in the streets (I’m serious). I see shapely and shiny things on the ground all of the time and can’t help but pay my respects by picking them up and putting them in my pocket.

The best picks usually find a home somewhere within reach of my computer and I’m always optimistic that their humble graphic beauty will be able to help me out in some way on some future Fusion project.

I’m convinced the shapes in the sardine can key, blue thing with the tail and other elements in the photo subliminally migrated to the logos you see here.

And if Batman calls one day to do a new visual identity or rebrand I’ve already got one source of inspiration on the shelf in the form of that piece of found blue felt. It could turn into a kick ass logo or campaign graphic.