Before You Hit Post...

Before You Post… A Checklist

A “Before You Post” Checklist

Ever find yourself hovering over the post button on Instagram or Twitter, wondering if the hilarious gif you just found is actually as funny as you think it is? Ya, us too. That’s why we thought we’d share a few of our favorite tips for keeping your posts relevant, engaging and curated for your target audience. Make sure you take note of these tips before you post.

The next time you’re wondering whether or not to hit publish on your favorite social media channel, try these three simple steps before you post:

  • Show someone. You’ve crafted the perfect caption/photo combo and you’re ready to send it out into the world, but it might be a good idea to see how your tone comes across to someone who’s not you!
  • Check for grammar. You definitely don’t want that one follower on your account to point out an embarrassing typo. (We’ve all got a grammar fanatic lurking, just waiting for us to slip up…) A great trick to try is reading your caption backward to make sure your eye doesn’t accidentally skip over something obvious or easy to miss.
  • Preview your post. Pre-schedule your posts in a scheduling app for Facebook or Twitter and use an Instagram grid planner. These are great tools that give you a chance to preview your post and see how it looks on your grid or channel. Pre-planning also gives you a chance to ‘sleep on it’, which can be helpful. You might have thought it was funny yesterday, but realize today that it could be even better.

Double-checking spelling and running ideas past the team is a no-brainer when we plan social media campaigns and manage accounts for our clients. Our whole team is behind the post button to avoid those awkward posts that don’t quite hit the mark. Any ideas to add to the check-list? Wondering what it would be like to have a team running YOUR social media channels? Get in touch: We’d love to hear from you!