Better get my Pantone book out!

Better get my Pantone book out!

I will freely admit that I love to watch television, but it has to be really good television! Intriguing story lines with great character development are the criteria for choosing what I am going to spend my time watching. Better Call Saul has become a favourite for some of us here at Fusion (me included), and I just had to laugh at last night’s episode.

I won’t try to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched the episode yet. I decided to try the Story Sync on my iPad while watching the show. The above image is one that was presented at one point in the show. Basically Saul was accused of copyright infringment when he produced a billboard that was a copycat of a big law firm (note how they even gave their Pantone colour a personalized name!).

What I found interesting was how mainstream Pantone has become in recent years.


The mugs have been around for a number of years.


And you can now find a Pantone jacket if you are so inclined.

What used to be (and still is) a hard-working tool for printers and designers, has now become mainstream in our culture. Makes me wonder what will be next?