The Best Plants for Your Office

If you find yourself killing more plants than you’re keeping, check out our list of low-maintenance options to bring a little green to your office.

Social Media Apps to Watch

Now, you can retouch photos, plan content, edit videos, and analyze performance all in the palm of your hand.

Winnipeg Coffee Shops

Staying Caffeinated in Downtown Winnipeg

Downtown Winnipeg is full of coffee shops. Here are the best places to get your caffeine fix.

Winnipeg in the Summer

Fusion Summer Lovin’

In case you’re wondering how to make the most of a glorious Manitoba summer, we’ve got you covered.

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

Snapchat Vs. Instagram Stories

We know, we know. The debate is seemingly endless. Below, we weigh in on the two platforms and where they stand on stories.

Fusion Throwbacks: A Peek into the Archives

Before the days when a logo update was a few clicks away or layout edits could be done in a mere half hour, the process of design was very, very…

Before You Hit Post...

Before You Post… A Checklist

Ever find yourself hovering over the post button on Instagram or Twitter, wondering if the hilarious gif you just found is actually as funny as you…

How We’re Celebrating 25 Years

How We’re Celebrating 25 Years

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve had a lot of fun over the past 25 years! 2017 is a big year for us and to celebrate, we’ve got a few fun…

How do you build trust?

I watched a very interesting short video that was sent to me by our digital media strategist, Misha. It makes you think about the future of trust in…

The Winnipeg Renaissance: How effective social media is driving culture & business

The Winnipeg Renaissance: How effective social media is driving culture & business

If 'man is the measure of all things', then 'the people are the measure of all things in Winnipeg', and the Peg is beaming with great people doing…

Fusion Hip Hop Playlist on Apple Music March '16

Fusion Hip Hop Playlist

Hey, so here's a playlist I've been working on this past week. It includes some of my favourite trap, nyc stuff, bangers by electronic producers with…



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