Typographic genius?

Typographic genius?

I did a logotype for the toilet paper roll. Typographic genius? Or just a crap idea?

The Evolution of Icon Design

During my recent research endeavors, I came across a rather interesting site – www.historyoficons.com. I found it to be interesting, not only in its…


How a Commercial Brought Us Max – National Dog Day

In honour of #NationalDogDay, here’s the story of how Max came to be part of my family:

Fusion Summer Mixtape '15

Fusion Summer Playlist ’15

For my next playlist installment, I’ve put together some tracks from my favourite albums of the past month.…


Great Minds Think Alike – Fringe Festival

Or maybe twisted minds think alike. Have fun at the Fringe Festival! We're all pumped here.

social media day

Let’s Celebrate Social Media Day

Although most would consider every day as, “Social Media Day” there is only one day a year that celebrates it globally. Started in 2010 by social…

What's Your Type?

What’s Your Personality Type?

Working effectively as a team is important for any workplace, but especially for an ad agency. We rely on each other for guidance, morale,…

Fusion Spring Mixtape '15

Fusion Spring Mixtape ’15

Everyone needs a solid seasonal soundtrack. I've put together a playlist of some favorite songs to go along with the spring vibes in the air! Check…

Why Choose Content Marketing?

Why Choose Content Marketing?

Content marketing has moved from a niche brand offering to a marketing-must in a big way. It’s hard to think of a brand that doesn’t offer some kind…

A Source of Inspiration

Inspiration for your next great idea can come from anywhere (and hopefully not straight from advertising and graphic design annuals and websites).

Popup or Popart?

Last Friday was a beautiful day, and when I received an invitation to view a Kal Barteski pop up, my first response was “SURE”, then it was “what is…

Happy Earth Day!

In honour of Earth Day we here at Fusion decided to have a "pot party". I know what you're thinking, and no, we weren't smoking grass, we were…