Fusion Throwbacks: A Peek into the Archives

Fusion Throwbacks: Logos, Letterhead, and Graphic Design in the ‘90s

Before the days when a logo update was a few clicks away or layout edits could be done in a mere half hour, the process of design was very, very different. Fusion originated back in 1992, and although our original logo and letterhead were created using some of the more “old-fashioned” methods, it’s interesting to consider how they’ve stood the test of time. We’re four weeks into our Fusion Throwbacks project and today we’re digging a little deeper into some of the work we’ve featured recently on social media.

Fusion’s Original Logo & Letterhead

Fusion has its origins in the early ‘90s when founders Dave Wilkie, Terry Kuzina, and Derrick Coupland teamed up to follow their mutual vision for innovative design and advertising. When the Fusion name was being created, the founders were thinking about the power of the sun; its energy and forward momentum. Our original logo was created to represent an explosion of brilliant ideas permeating from a collaborative team, with the Fusion name demonstrating these same concepts. One of our designers, Morris, remembers seeing the logo as a newbie designer working, at that time, for another company and thinking it was, as he describes it, “wicked.”

The original Fusion logo was designed long before the age of digital renderings and quick fixes in Photoshop. The designer built the logo by hand using the “old-school” method of rubbing down dots from a Letraset (press letters) sheet – a method that was time-consuming and complicated, but also tactile and creative.

FWS Construction Logo

Our identity design for FWS Construction is another example of a logo that has remained relevant since its creation in the late ‘90s. The logo that we created for them is still in use today – which speaks to the longevity and timelessness of the design. We used the plumb line imagery to represent their role in the construction industry, and reiterate their brand message of accuracy and precision in everything they do.

Looking through some of the collateral materials we created for them reminded us of days gone by, when print products used to be a major factor in design projects and branding. Although those days are long behind us and we love the digital world and creating design and campaigns for new platforms, we still have a soft spot for beautiful print design and finishes.

CanWest Global Art Collection

This book of Canadian art that we created for CanWest Global is another reminder that good design doesn’t age and can be appreciated whether it was created 10 years ago or 20. Filled with work from local Winnipeg artists as well as more famous Canadian artists such as the Group of Seven, the designing layout of this book was a lot more like creating an art gallery than it was creating a normal printed piece, and the result is timeless. All of the artwork in the book was from the CanWest collection and many pieces could be seen hanging in their corporate offices. The late Izzy Asper, the founder and CEO of CanWest Global, was a renowned art lover and wanted to share that love through the creation of this book.

We’re just getting started with our Fusion Throwbacks and we’ll keep featuring different projects every week on Instagram, with #FusionThrowbacks. Check back on the blog monthly for more details on the projects that are still dear to our hearts. If you have questions or are interested in getting your own project started with us, drop us a line at info@fusiongroup.ca!