Meep meep!

This is a story about a logo I designed at Fusion, during some down time, that almost no one at Fusion knows anything about.

I have this friend. His name is Rob. His family all call him Robert, but in our circle he’s always been Rob. Or Bob. Or Bobert. Or Rahib. Or Rahyoob. But never Robert.

Rob and I became friends through our obsessions with the sports we played and watched a long, long time ago. We’ve been friends for more than thirty years.

Rob and his wife have three kids. All three are athletes themselves. Rob called one day last year to see if I could help with his daughter Jamie’s team, the Roadrunner Track Club. They needed new uniforms and he thought I might know some people who supplied stuff like that. He also invited me to design them a new logo if I wanted and if I had the time. I said yes to both without thinking once, and insisted my part would be no charge.

I wound up designing what I thought was a pretty good new logo. The stylized bird looked like it was moving really fast even when it was standing still.

And the Roadrunners hated it.

After some constructive feedback from the team I did a second logo, which was a huge hit. I have to admit that the winner was a clip art bird that I reworked, added some sporty type to and sent off to the races.

I got an e-mail from Rob recently with two photos attached. The picture above is his wife and daughters modelling the Roadrunners track tops. He said they’re the nicest unies at the meets. That was nice of him to say. The second photo is this one. Jamie with the rewards from her first ever win on the track.

This picture is Fusion’s reward for letting me do a freebie for a friend on company time. Win. Win.