Mobile Users Quick to Leave Your Site if Experience Not Great

We all know that mobile shopping is growing. According to studies by Coremetrics, shopping on smart phones has doubled since last year to 6.5% of retail sales. We also know where that number is going.

Limelight Networks recently surveyed 520 mobile consumers and found users very quick to leave the site if it wasn’t up to their expectation of a good experience.

This chart shows what happens when users aren’t happy with the site.

38% leave for good (some after continuing with the one and final purchase), while 62% say they will continue online when they can get to a computer. I wonder how many forget to do that given the ability of the mobile device to allow spontaneous purchases without much forethought and research.

Limelight also found out what is important to the mobile consumer.

  • 88% said the load time is a key factor
  • 88% found useful imagery as important (able to zoom in on a product, for example)
  • 82% said mobile site optimization, or how the site fits the screen, is also key

Consumer expectations don’t change when they visit via their smart phone or tablet. They expect an experience as good as they get using their computer. I know that when I visit a site via my iPhone or iPad that uses Flash and won’t show me anything, I think negatively of that brand. I recently emailed Volvo about this and I never do that. Expectations are changing very quickly. And Volvo promises to do so too.

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