Production Meetings

Every advertising agency has their version of a production meeting, and we wanted to share our process here at Fusion.

The purpose of a production meeting is to quickly debrief and keep an open line of communication among staff. It’s vital for us to stay organized and maintain strong time management – especially when clients are depending on our work.

We have daily production meetings at 9am that are led by one of our Account Managers. During the meeting we discuss what deadlines are approaching, keep track of ongoing projects, and make sure everyone is on the same page. Our goal is to finish each meeting within ten minutes, and get a good sense of the current workload.

First, we gather around the wall we dubbed our “work board”. The wall is coated in magnetic paint and holds dry-erase magnets, which are perfect to organize and display our work.

Each member of the creative team has a space on the board with all of their current projects. The Account Manager starts by asking each creative how their projects should be allocated – into today, ongoing, or on-hold. Together, we dictate what is being prioritized, and what can wait.

By going through each person separately, we get a good sense of who needs help and who can handle a few extra projects. At the end of the day, it’s important for us to make sure that everyone has a manageable workload and can meet deadlines.

Not only are production meetings useful, but they also give us a chance to chat and catch up – which is nice, considering we spend most of the day busy on projects.

Let us know if your workplace has something similar to a production meeting. What is your process like?