Social Media Apps to Watch

The world of social media is constantly changing and social media management is becoming an increasingly specialized field. Social media managers have to be effective at copywriting, photo and video editing, and graphic design. Luckily, more technology has come to the rescue – all on your smartphone. Now, you can retouch photos, plan content, edit videos, and analyze performance all in the palm of your hand.



ColorStory is great for editing photos on your phone. It’s perfect for intensifying or fixing colour on photos, adjusting lighting and exposure, and cropping and straightening – not to mention the filters available. What is really great about ColorStory is you can save your editing steps as a custom filter, which makes creating cohesion in your Instagram feed much easier. No more run-of-the-mill Clarendon, Gingham, or Sierra for you.


Price: Free with in-app purchases available.



Hopefully you’ve heard of this one. Boomerang is an offspring of Instagram allowing you to create mini looped videos by taking 10 quick photos and threading them together. Boomerang is also a feature in the Instagram app when you switch to camera. Warning: using Boomerang may lead to a sharp increase in the number of mimosas you drink with your friends due to the unstoppable urge to Boomerang your group cheers.

Price: Free.



Canva is created to be easy to use for both designers and non-designers, with customizable templates, fonts, filters, photos, and graphics – making it a great tool for quickly creating a graphic to post on social media. It is available as a website to use on your desktop computer, or as an app on your phone for when you wake up in the middle of the night panicking about the graphic you forgot to make.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available.


Adobe Spark Video

Spark Video helps you create videos quickly on your phone by giving you access to stock photos and graphics, and royalty-free music. You also have the option of applying a theme to your video, which will prompt Spark to add in camera movement and change the shot to add interest. Like Canva, Adobe Spark Video is also available on your desktop – look out, Spielberg.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available.



By analyzing your Instagram feed, Lisa will help you answer that age-old question: which picture should I post? The algorithm will compare your photos to photos that typically do well on Instagram, helping to increase your engagement on posts – which in turn moves your post up in Instagram’s algorithm. And you’ll stop clogging up your group chats with 10 versions of the same photo taken at slightly different angles.

Price: Free.



Planoly lets you schedule your Instagram posts and Instagram stories, like many other existing apps. What sets Planoly apart is its ability to let you visually plan your Instagram feed. You can upload up to nine photos at once to see how they will look as part of your grid, helping you maintain consistent branding (or helping you see that you may have posted too many pictures of your dog lately). The app also lets you view your engagement on each post and will auto-populate hashtags.

Price: Free with in-app upgrades available.