Soul Design

This post may be somewhat biased. I say that because my life revolves around any opportunity I can find that allows me to drive. Whether it’s at the track in my s2000, in my living room on my PlayStation, or with my Hot Wheels in front of my iMac – I’ll find a way.

Automobiles are often times viewed as a tool for transportation, and not much more. Indulge me while I take this opportunity to remind everyone who doesn’t have 5w30 running through their blood; there is beauty and soulful expression in this form of design. Heart and soul goes into their creation, which translates to a heart and soul of their own. You can sense it through a glance, and be consumed by it through your hands and body.

When their potential is tapped into, these intricate man made machines harmoniously carry out their purpose and transform into something that is more than the sum of their parts, (much like a the human body?!). They can’t feel, but the best ones do come ‘alive’. With all that said, lets look at some car-porn. Does that flag any not safe for work filters, Peter? Oh well…

RIP Top Gear <3