Winnipeg Coffee Shops

Staying Caffeinated in Downtown Winnipeg

A collection of Winnipeg Coffee Shops

Anyone who has ever got me a present has ever bought me a coffee mug or travel mug at some point; my Instagram feed is overwrought with pictures of lattes and coffee shops; my natural smell is coffee, and I think my blood is more coffee than actual blood.

What I’m trying to say is that I know coffee, and I know who makes the best coffee.

Please enjoy my list of Winnipeg coffee shops responsibly and know your caffeine limits; the coffee shakes aren’t good for anybody.


Thom Bargen – 250 Kennedy

The second incarnation of the Sherbrooke location has a more extensive kitchen, and they take advantage of it. They have lots of made-in-house pastries available, as well as delicious pieces of artisanal toast available. The coffee shop is also really big, with a mural painted by Gabrielle Funk, a plant wall created by Verde, and white marble tabletops – its practically begging to be in all of your Instagram pictures. And, most importantly, they make a mean latte.


Fools & Horses – 379 Broadway

The space of Fools & Horses is fantastic. The Broadway location has floor-to-ceiling windows facing Broadway, which provides beautiful natural light, and also ample opportunity for people watching. They also work hard to source as much of their food as possible locally to reduce their carbon footprint, often act as a venue for social and cultural events, and work to build a more prosperous community. Bonus: they also have beer and wine (!) on tap.


Parlour Coffee – 468 Main

Parlour Coffee arguably serve the best coffee in the city (unless you ask Dave) and are also about a five-minute walk from our office. They brew ethically sourced coffee from North America, including Dogwood Coffee, which is roasted just a block or so away, and serves baked goods made by Oh Doughnuts, Tall Grass Prairie Company, and Beet Happening.


Forth 171 McDermot

Probably one of the physically largest coffee shops in Winnipeg – if you can reduce it to just a coffee shop. While they make great coffee, they have a lot more to offer. They are outfitted with a café, an art gallery, a bar, and for the two months of bearable weather we get, in Winnipeg, a rooftop bar. To boot, they host about a billion events a month.


Clementine – 123 Princess

Although they are primarily known for their food (which is amazing, by the way), Clementine also serves up great coffee and espresso, which are available to go, but I recommend that you stay and eat their Brussels Style Waffle or Braised Bacon Benedict while you get your daily dose of caffeine.