CancerCare Manitoba Foundation Brand Expression

Reinvigorate and define the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation brand to distinguish the Foundation from other cancer organizations, inspire trust, and increase support.

CancerCare Manitoba Foundation solely supports CancerCare Manitoba, and all funds raised stay in Manitoba. This unique and incredibly vital role sets the Foundation apart from other cancer organizations, but lack of brand awareness meant that most Manitobans weren’t aware of the Foundation and its unique and invaluable impact on their province.

A bold, colourful, and emotive but optimistic approach combined with a strong voice gave the Foundation a distinct and memorable brand to share with the public. With a new sense of self, the Foundation’s dedicated team could zero in on key messages and continue their important work in Manitoba, for Manitobans.


Note: When working through a brand expression, we gather found images to serve as inspiration, and to convey the eventual intended direction of photography and design for the brand. This means that we may not own rights to the images seen here, and these inspiration images are for placement only and never used in any actual work produced following the brand expression process. To learn more about brand expression, read this post.

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