TikTok and How to Effectively Use the Platform

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What is TikTok and How to Effectively Use the Platform

From starting out as simply a short-form video platform to its merger with lip sync-focused social app Musical.ly, TikTok has come a long way and has certainly made a name for itself as an energetic social media platform. More and more marketers are recognizing the value of TikTok for getting in front of their audience.

What makes TikTok so captivating right now is the amount of active users on a daily basis. Many people regularly fall into TikTok’s allure and will find themselves viewing content for hours on end.

The algorithm sees high engagement and pushes that content, and hashtags are incredibly effective in boosting a post.

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Collaboration is a way to increase exposure. One of the best ways to attach virality to your brand or post is by creating a Duet Challenge – where you or someone can reply to another’s comment publically with their video. This effectively boosts your reach, as you’re no longer reaching your audience specifically, you’re reaching your collaborator’s audience.

To start, focus less on following the initial popular TikTok accounts; instead, just go to the platform and spend some time exploring your own feed through the For You page. Research and study how various accounts collaborate with each other and highlight certain behaviours and trends.

It’s still not clear how their algorithm works, but it seems to be far easier for content to go viral than on other social media platforms. Here’s what we know is effective on the TikTok platform.

Authenticity Performs Very Well on TikTok

Most of the users don’t have access to expensive camera gear or large production budgets. TikTok users largely create content with their phones and their time, which highlights an authentic and genuine appeal. Try and take the same approach with your business’s content.

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Creativity Is Applauded

Add your own twist to a trend: The platform often attaches itself to trends and community engagement and hashtags. All you need to do is look for content trends and consider how you can add your brand’s personality to it.

Take part in hashtag challenges or trending songs. Your unique brand story and personality will differentiate you from others in the same category. Look at what’s already successful on the app and try something new within the concept.

Hashtags Are Incredibly Effective

Not unlike Twitter, TikTok is hindered by a short 140 character limit. So stay intentional and conscious of the hashtags you use.

Adopt a routine of combining more niche hashtags, as well as more general ones to your videos. We’d recommend a good 3/4 ratio. (for every three niche hashtags, put in a general one) Ideally, your video will be highlighted in the smaller hashtags and will grow in reach as you rank into the more popular hashtags. The more engagement, the more it will rank overall.

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Give Your Content A More Buttoned-down Approach

The vast majority of TikTok users don’t enjoy videos that feel overproduced, too corporate, or explicitly promotional. Take the time to really look at what sort of content flourishes on the platform and figure out how you can incorporate that style into your brand expression. Identify the trends you think you can exceed and feel natural doing.

Follow these tips and tricks and we think you’ll find TikTok to be a thriving and vibrant platform to share your brand.


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