7 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow

Everyone hits a creative slump now and again, and in 2018 that means your Instagram sits untouched while you wait to be hit with a stroke of artistic genius, or if all else fails, for a trip to a particularly photogenic location. That’s all well and good if your feed is more of a personal project, but if keeping it fresh is part of your job and awaiting inspiration is not an option, we’ve got 7 follow-worthy Instagram accounts to get you back in the game sooner rather than later.


May we introduce you to the cutest little café in Paris. Not only does Fragments serve what we can only assume from photographic evidence is an incredible breakfast, but they also serve up a lesson in branding consistency on social media. Their food (and coffee, obvs) photography features a consistent editing style and high-quality photos good enough to make you hop on a plane to France just to get a bite of that pastry. Even user-generated content that is reposted stays true to the brand’s look and palette, creating a beautiful, cohesive, and very drool-inducing feed.



Tiny Atlas is a travel magazine with an Instagram feed that makes us want to give up our home base to become world travellers. The key to this feed’s success is storytelling –  images featured are so rich and provocative that you feel transported to that harbour in Denmark or rolling landscape in Rwanda.  

Unsurprisingly, they also excel at Instagram Stories, which they use to “follow” someone around a new location – essentially taking you along for the ride.  



The Sill is a plant seller based in New York City with a cult-like following (300k and counting), and if you share our love of plants then this follow is going to brighten your feed immeasurably. They’ve adeptly used a custom hashtag to build their profile and generate user content – followers happily slap #PlantsMakePeopleHappy on their own photos, giving The Sill a never-ending stream of content which they curate flawlessly. The profile page makes excellent use of Story Highlights, and posts strike an ideal balance between more sales oriented content and posts aimed at engagement.



Now granted, this NYC-based jewellery designer has a leg up on the competition simply due to the innate beauty of the jewellery featured, but they certainly now how to make the most of it. Jewellery is shown off in more styled settings – a studio closeup of a beautiful piece – as well as in real-life scenarios – an engagement ring with proposal story as caption. Think eye-candy alongside a few good tugs on the old heart strings – match made in heaven?



When you make letterboards, you are essentially creating a canvas for more beautiful memes, so the obvious potential on social media is immediately apparent. The folks at Letterfolk make good use of their product and have mastered the art of user generated content with the massively popular #letterfolkquotes. Hats off to the caption writers on task at Letterfolk who regularly make us laugh out loud with their witty captions to accompany the photos.  



Andrea Nunez is a lifestyle influencer/blogger in London, England, with a second-to-none feed of gorgeous photos designed to give you life envy. Styling, shooting, and editing are decidedly on-point here – she’s living out the personal Instagram feeds we’d all have, given the time and energy. Credit where credit is due!



If you’re reading this just before lunch, be forewarned: Saveur is a magazine for foodies, and you will know hunger and cravings like never before should you choose to check this account out right now. The feed is used primarily to promote recipes from the current print issue of the magazine or online, but they also feature photos of food cooked by other chefs who have tagged them on the ‘gram. Following this feed can definitely inspire you to cook this weekend rather than hopping over to Skip the Dishes yet again.



Photo from @letterfolk