How to have a Great Memory

This may seem like a “well duh” moment, but the best way to improve your memory is to pay attention. It’s not really a duh moment as most of us don’t really pay attention when we need to. That’s why we often forget a person’s name right after we hear it. Our mind is on other things, like what to say next or what she is wearing.

When we pay attention, we upload other clues that aid in memory, like visual and auditory information from our environment. I experience this all the time when hiking and listening to an audiobook. When I go back to the story later, and it very often starts up again somewhere I wasn’t, (thanks Apple), and I rewind or fast-forward to find my spot, I often recall where I was in my hike as I re-listen to the words that I had heard in that place. I have attached cues that help me to recall information. Mostly useless here, but still it proves it to me.

When you are keeping that experience in your mind, that is when your brain starts storing the extra sensory data.