Jordanna Moskal Realtor Brand Expression

Create a brand identity and accompanying visual brand direction and key brand messages for Jordanna Moskal, a local realtor.

Jordanna Moskal wanted to set herself apart from other local realtors, appealing to an audience of young homebuyers. It was important to her to be shown as trustworthy, easy to talk to, helpful, and knowledgeable, differentiating herself from her competition with her ability to make a stressful and complicated process more simple, more accessible, and more enjoyable. She wanted to appear as “like” her potential clients, as opposed to coming across as a more intimidating figure.

The brand expression used a unique palette of bold accent colours paired with more subdued neutrals to create a modern, youthful feel. The geometric monogram logomark featured negative space that would sit well overtop of photos, and sets Jordanna Moskal Realtor apart from other realtors, who typically use logos that feature a house in some way. The logomark and brand clearly communicate that Jordanna Moskal Realtor is not just another face in the realtor crowd.



Note: When working through a brand expression, we gather found images to serve as inspiration, and to convey the eventual intended direction of photography and design for the brand. This means that we may not own rights to the images seen here, and these inspiration images are for placement only and never used in any actual work produced following the brand expression process. To learn more about brand expression, read this post.

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