How We’re Celebrating 25 Years

How We’re Celebrating 25 Years

Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve had a lot of fun over the past 25 years! 2017 is a big year for us and we’ve got a few fun things planned, because after all… We’re celebrating 25 years!!

Inspired by a Tree Tragedy  

Several cold winters ago, the tree that stood in front of our office was destroyed in a tragic snowplow accident. While our dream of planting another in honor of our 25th birthday was sadly not possible (the city tells us we’ll likely just lose another comrade), while discussing it we realized that a tree is actually a great metaphor for our 25 years of putting down roots in Winnipeg. Some of the most exciting developments and changes in this city over the past 25 years have come through our doors – we had a hand in projects like MTS Centre, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the SHED, James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, and several provincial elections, just to name a few. We love our home, and we’ve grown and flourished together with the city through many seasons and changes. It’s been said that he who plants a tree, plants hope, and on our 25th birthday, we’re not only remembering our roots but planning for the bright future ahead. Gone, but not forgotten, our tree’s legacy will live on.

Digging into the Archives

When the Fusion team got together to brainstorm birthday celebration ideas, a lot of stories were thrown around the boardroom table. Dave remembered the first-ever Fusion summer getaway, and Morris reminisced about his favorite logo designs of years past.

As we went further down the rabbit trail of office anecdotes and stories from long ago, we realized that so many of those old projects have brought us to where we are today. While we’re all about innovation and staying ahead of trends, we haven’t forgotten our roots. Over the next few months, we’ll be digging into the archives for 25 weeks of #FusionThrowbacks on our social media platforms.

Onwards and Upwards

On top of giving you a peek at Fusion projects of old, we’re also doing a little bit of redecorating both online and off. Most notably, we’ve given our website an overhaul, and we’re excited for you to have a look around here, exploring our recent work in everything from social media and websites to branding and advertising. Our office space is also getting a fresh look with brand new window artwork. Be sure to take a look next time you’re strolling through the Exchange District, and give us a wave.

Lastly, we need to say a big thank you to our clients, suppliers, colleagues, and friends for sticking with us for a cool quarter century. Our amazing clients and staff (both present and past) have made Fusion the place is it today – a place we are each proud and excited to be a part of. Looking forward to another 25 great years!